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French Wedding Dresses With Vintage and Antique Flair

French Wedding DressBefore any other wedding preparations take place, choosing the right wedding dress is priority. This is particularly true in the case of weddings occurring abroad because high style and high fashion rule designer runways when it comes to brilliantly beautiful French wedding dresses. Having trouble choosing which designer to pick? You’re not alone in this challenge. A vintage wedding dress not only makes a statement at any wedding, not just those abroad, but the photography opportunities are breathtaking. Be selective not only with the designer, but also with the retail location because quality must match style for this important day.

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Should an antique wedding dress be chosen? This choice is by far a gorgeous and timeliness one, but be aware of the risks involved. The fabric is incredibly delicate, and the dress may only be available for rent. If you’re renting the dress, the need for insurance is a must should anything accidentally get spilled on you or if an accident occurs where the dress would become damaged. Brides-to-be can also choose a style mimicking an antique dress, such as those available by Neiman Marcus and Henri Bendel. High ticket dress designers like Max Chaoul and Delphine Grandjouan base their wedding design reputation on taking custom orders. While these orders are costly, it will ensure the bride-to-be will receive the perfect antique or vintage inspired dress.

Additional examples of designers taking the lead from vintage and antique style are Cymbeline, which is a design trio comprised of three sisters who started the company over thirty years ago, and are inspired by modern and traditional design when creating their vintage style wedding dresses. Another example is Ugoz Zaldi, a design company owned by two brothers that started eight years ago. The design duo started out creating cocktail dresses and the sort, and then moved on to creating affordable and fashionable wedding dresses with a mix of vintage and traditional flair. Be aware that domestic sales are available for these designers, but they come at a premium. Research the difference between buying aboard versus buying domestically to ensure you are getting the most for your money. The cost of shipping may be high, but it may still be less expensive than purchasing state side.

A large number of online retailers carry these wedding dresses on a regular basis, and the sites are updated regularly. Because these items are so pricey, request additional pictures beyond what is featured on the website. That way, you know for sure you’ll like the style of the wedding dress when it arrives. The last thing anyone wants to go through is receiving a dress that not only is not the right style, but also contains design elements that are not desirable. Keep in mind that, if the perfect wedding dress is not found, it’s possible to start with a blank canvas. Pick a bare bones dress with very few design elements, and bring it to a dress shop for altering. Many dress shops not only will help fit the dress perfectly to your body, but they will also add design elements that fit perfectly with your tastes.

The bottom line: No matter what French wedding dress, antique French wedding dress, vintage French wedding dress you choose be sure it is exactly what you want without settling. This is your day, your memory, and your special dress.

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