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Blue, Teal, Aqua Wedding Invitations

Blue Wedding Invitations Have a Universal Appeal One of the most popular invitation colors is blue, in its various shades and tones. As a bride, you never have to worry about blue going out of style, because, some shade of blue is always in, and that means that you cannot go wrong with blue wedding […]

Indigo Leaves Wedding Invitations

The color Indigo is a combination of a violet and deep blue and represents the traits of sincerity, trustworthiness, and dependability, all characteristics one would want in a life partner. With this and the fact that Indigo is considered to be a spiritual color, it’s no wonder that many engaged couples are choosing Indigo as […]

Basic Black and White Wedding Invitations

Basic Black and White Wedding Invitations Add Formal to Your Affair Just like making an event black tie, a black and white wedding invitation can lend a formal touch to a wedding affair. Black and white is the most classic of colors, with white being the dominant color, and black being the accent. However, black […]