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Handmade Printable Winter Bridal Shower & Wedding Invitations

While many people associate weddings with the season of summer, winter weddings can be just as beautiful and spectacular. Imagine a snowy, winter wonderland, either outdoors or created indoors. Winter weddings also lend themselves to using the magic of the holidays and seasonal decor, adding a special and memorable touch to the occasion. Aside from […]

Vintage Wedding Invitations Complete the Look of Your Vintage Wedding

You’ve decided on a vintage theme for your wedding, and now it’s time to choose a design for your wedding announcements. You could go with simple, elegant–but somewhat generic–wedding invitations, but it’s entirely possible to get vintage wedding invitations to match your theme. They won’t, of course, be genuinely vintage; simply designed to replicate a […]

Natural Green Wedding Invitations

Green Gives Wedding Invites a Fresh Spring Look Green is a color that represents growing things, nature, and spring, so using green on a wedding invitation is a good idea because a wedding is a new beginning for the bride and groom. There are many nuances to the shade of green, and green can be […]