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This page is a central spot to start looking for many different and unique custom wedding invitations. From here you will be able to reach other pages that are divided into wedding invitation colors, styles, and themes. Scroll down the entire page here, or just pick and choose via any of the links.

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Pink Wedding Invitations

Pink is Becoming the New Cream for Wedding Invitations There are many ways to refer to the color pink from soft pink, rose, fuchsia, and mauve. All of these colors are shades of pink which has become one of the most popular colors for wedding invitations. Pink represents romantic love, and that is the main […]

Lavender Purple Wedding Invitations

Purple is the New Soft Black for Weddings Purple is a color of softness and mystery that can be used year round in a wedding event depending on which shade and tone of the color you are planning on using as an accent or background color. The lightest shades of purple are called lavender (after […]

Eco Chic Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations are the First Step to a Eco-Green Wedding & Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation & If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, or even just to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible during your event, one way is to start off with Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Wedding Invitations. This page is just […]