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Gold Wedding Dresses

Gold Ivory Wedding GownIn the 1840s, England’s Queen Victoria donned a white wedding dress and started a trend that continues up to this day. The tradition in many Western societies of brides wearing white, and of that color symbolizing some sort of purity, is really a relatively new one, and one that was slow to catch on. In fact, a glance through paintings or photos of vintage wedding dresses show brides in a bouquet of colors: blue, peach, green and, yes, gold vintage wedding dresses were often the norm. The amount of gold in the gown and the depth of the color often depended on the era in which the dress was worn.

1800s and Early 1900s

Weddings during these times were often more primary colors than pastels. Deep blues and greens, pinks, peaches and true golds. For an idea of what type of vintage wedding gowns replicate this era, a visit to a museum might be an answer. Or flipping through an art book. Women in these times chose their colors just as carefully as today but, sometimes surprisingly, white was not the main color for many weddings. An exquisite vintage gold wedding dress from before and during the Victorian era might just as well be made of velvet as satin or lace.

1920s and 30s

The 1920s were a bold, innovative time, ironically arising in reaction to some of the societal oppression of the Victorian era. Vintage gold wedding gowns from this era reflect some of the boldness and brightness of the times. Though, of course, there were many styles and shades, you might be surprised to find a vintage bridal gown from this period that is a deep, burnished gold, woven about with lace and beads or pearls. The styles ranged from fitted and formal satin gowns to adventurous vintage gold wedding dresses that could almost be mistaken for one of the famous “flapper” dresses.

1940s and 50s

By this time, many of the colors for weddings, and U.S. society itself, had become more muted, more traditional. Bridal white took a bigger hold, but gold and other colors didn’t completely leave the scene. They just blended in more. Looking at a vintage gold dress from this time period, you might have to look closely to see the gold that is woven in with the cream or antique lace colors. It was often a subtle addition, sometimes in brocade, designed to catch the light when the bride turned a certain way. Then again, some of the more elaborate gowns had gold lace overlaying the entire antique white wedding dress, or a sheer gold fabric dotted with pearls that flowed elegantly around the bride.

1960s and 70s

It’s not surprising to find some vintage gold wedding dresses from this era moving back into the bold color territory–but white weddings also took a firmer foothold. By this time, white weddings had become the symbol of purity and virginity, and traditionalists (and fashion designers) emphasized these points at every turn. It may have been a reaction to the relative permissiveness of sections of society at that time, but for whatever reason, the idea became cemented. Women who were previously married, or unwed mothers, were discouraged from wearing white wedding dresses for this reason. Still, as always, some defied tradition and went their own ways, so it is entire possible to find gorgeous, lacy and frothy vintage gold wedding gowns from the 1950s.

Gold is a Meaningful Color

The color gold, in Western societies, has often been associated with richness, luxury and warmth. Gold, the mineral, is desired and feted, and the color takes part of its meaning and association from that. But, those are not the only meanings. Various shades of gold, from champagne to yellow, can almost mean steadfastness, optimism and durability, which are things you might want represented at your wedding. Be assured, your vintage gold wedding dress, from whichever era you choose, stands right up there with the longest in wedding traditions, and the highest of future expectations.

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