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Vintage 1940’s Wedding Dress

1940's wedding dressAt the center of every wedding, in the midst of the flowers, the lace, the photos and even the cake, is the bride. Even more so when the wedding theme reaches back to a previous era. So when you are planning a 1940s vintage wedding, one of the most important items on your list will be your 1940’s vintage wedding dress. You may be able to find an authentic vintage wedding dress from the 1940’s by asking relatives or friends, but that brings up issues of access and condition. Another option is a 1940’s vintage-style wedding gown that incorporates some of the fashion items that popular during that era.

Only a Peek

Loops and buttons that travel from elbow to wrist, showing just a hint of skin between each closure. A dipping bodice that is covered with a soft, almost see-through lace, that titillates rather than shocks. 1040’s vintage wedding gowns were all about showing just enough–but not too much. Can you recreate that same atmosphere of mystery and temptation in these days when everything that can hang out usually does? Absolutely! People don’t lose the desire to “see the rest” when something is hidden just enough to excite curiosity. In fact, the desire may increase. So, when you are thinking of your perfect vintage wedding dress from the 1940’s, think of just offering a peek.

1940’s Simplicity

Many vintage 1940’s wedding dresses are readily identifiable because of their simple, clean lines that accentuate the bride. Form fitting, with perhaps a gather under or between the breasts, strategically placed lace and long trains adorned a number of gowns from this period. Short puffy or capped sleeves for spring or summer weddings contrasted with the lace and fabric covered long sleeves that adorned the wedding dresses year round. Take your ideas for your 1940’s vintage wedding gown and mix and match the elements. Satin was perhaps more popular during this era than lace, but create the gown that is perfect for you. A lace train, perhaps, with a simple satin dress will satisfy both desires.

1940’s Glamor

Glamor is a word often associated with the 1940’s. Because of the events of the times, many sought to create a sense of normality by latching on to elegance, beauty and, of course, being glamorous. Consider this aspect when you are creating your 1940’s vintage wedding dress. Imagine yourself drifting along, languid and elegant, the folds of your gown swishing about your ankles. The glamor of the 1940’s was as much a feeling, an attitude, as it was a look. Your 1940’s vintage wedding theme might focus on this aspect of the era in the decorations and in the clothing choices for the wedding party.

The most fun part of vintage wedding themes is that it is very difficult to go wrong. You can recapture an era, at least in part, but if it is not exact, that is perfectly okay. Try to keep your invitations, decorations, cake and table setting within the general area of your vintage wedding theme, and all the rest will benefit by association. Of course, as always, your vintage 1940’s wedding gown will set the theme; everything else will just enhance it.

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