Wearing a Vintage Wedding Dress at a Modern Wedding

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Wearing a Vintage Wedding Dress at a Modern Wedding

Finding the Right Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding DressWhether you are wearing a vintage wedding dress because you love vintage, or want to save money, or believe in having a green eco-friendly wedding, buying a vintage wedding dress online is a very good bargain.

Vintage style is very fashionable, affordable, and unique. Instead of limiting yourself to the wedding dress designs that current fashion designers think you should wear, you can wear an elegant vintage wedding dress for a fraction of the cost of a brand new wedding dress. In addition, you are recycling a wedding dress instead of ordering a new dress which is much better for the earth.

Wedding dresses are a very important choice for every bride, and that is still true for a vintage wedding dress. Luckily wedding dresses are usually preserved well by the original owner, and that means that you have many vintage wedding dress choices from several fashion eras.

20s lace wedding dress

Vintage Cream Wedding Dresses

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Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

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Buying a Vintage Wedding Dress is Eco-Chic

Buying a vintage wedding dress is eco-chic because you are recycling a used wedding dress. Wedding dresses do not get much wear and tear, and they are only worn once, unless they are handed down from family member to family member. You always have the option of adding to the dress or taking off and changing some of the beading or other trim on the wedding dress.

The bride pictured at the top of the page is wearing a vintage wedding dress with a Renaissance style, and a beautiful vintage lace veil.

Edwardian wedding dress 1900s titanic era

Vintage Designer Wedding Dresses

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Vintage Wedding Dresses with Trains

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Elegant Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

The best lace in the world is still made by hand the old fashioned way, and this is how the lace on many antique and vintage wedding dresses was made. If you want to find a lace wedding dress or a wedding dress with lace on it, see if you can discover one with handmade lace. Another idea is to search for a vintage handmade lace veil.

Lace made by hand today would cost a mint, but if you can find a vintage lace wedding dress, you can save a lot of money for this elegant look. Some lace has small sequins or tiny pearl beads sewn into the lace, which would both add to the cost and the weight of the dress.

Antique 1930’s Wedding Dress

Vintage White Wedding Dresses

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Vintage Wedding Dresses with Bustles

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Which Vintage Era Do You Want Your Wedding Look to Be From?

It helps to know what era your favorite styles come from. Just taking the headdress for a bride alone, styles have changed from hats to caps to veils to nothing and back again over the decades. So when you are picking out your wedding style for your vintage dress, think about what you want it to look like. What details must you have on your dress, and what can you live without? What are you willing to give up to save some money, and what will you pay just about anything to have.

A good example of this is a bustle. Bustles have gone in and out on wedding dresses over the years, and they have changed shape and size. Another example is a vintage wedding dress with a long train, a short train, a removeable train, or no train at all.

These are the types of details to think about, and narrow down when you are searching. Ebay sellers have a huge selection of vintage and antique wedding dresses for very reasonable and affordable princes. You can also find vintage wedding dress sewing patterns if you want to make a vintage style dress.

The selections on this page are just the very tip of the iceberg. By following the links and searching for yourself, you can find exactly what you want. And if you have any questions about measurements, or other details, contact the seller directly and ask them.

1950’s Wedding Dress Ivory

Vintage Ivory Wedding Dresses

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Vintage Beaded Wedding Dresses

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Altering Your Vintage Wedding Dress

Most wedding dresses are made to be altered to size, and most likely your vintage wedding dress will need some altering to fit perfectly. Remember to allow for alterations when buying a vintage wedding dress online, and also for the time to alter the dress.

Take your dress to an experienced seamstress who works on wedding apparel on a regular basis. She will be familiar with the style of dress and how best to alter it.

Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress

Designing Your Own Retro Vintage Wedding Dress

If you are seamstress, know a seamstress, or are talented at sewing, you can design your own vintage wedding dress starting from old sewing patterns, or by designing your own sewing pattern. This would give you a brand new dress with a vintage style. You can also take apart an existing vintage dress, use the material or combine it with other material to create something new. Or you can minimally alter an existing vintage wedding dress by adding lace, beading, and other finishing touches.

It all really depends on how much time you have before the wedding, and how much time you want to spend on the project. If you are hiring someone else, you also have to consider how much money you want to spend on the labor.

In any case, your wedding is the time to feel and look your best, so take your time searching through Ebay to find the perfect vintage wedding dress to fit your needs. You will be glad that you did.

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