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Vintage Wedding Hat, Veil, or Tiara

Tulle Wedding HeadpieceA confection of pearls and lace, perhaps a few silky feathers or a flower of incredible beauty–they don’t call these vintage head pieces “fascinators” for nothing. One irresistible vintage wedding head piece is, in fact, the core around which some brides design their entire wedding wardrobe. You can choose to do that, or match the head piece after the wardrobe is fixed. In either case, there are a seemingly endless variety of vintage wedding head coverings to choose from. Keep in mind your era and atmosphere to make sure you choose the right one.


Finding the perfect vintage wedding hat may be just a matter of trying many on. Some are simplicity in itself. Wide-brimmed floppy straw, trimmed with lace and small flowers. Satin pillbox that rest snugly on top of your head, some shaped as flowers or leaves or encased in frothy lace. Vintage wedding hats are versatile and come in styles that suit just about any dress design, but sometimes you may want something a little less. And more.


Your first glance at a vintage wedding tiara may conjure up images of princesses, a child’s imaginary weddings, and dreams of days past. Which is as it should be. Vintage wedding tiaras range from the richly simple to the elaborate. Jewel encrusted tiaras are not hard to find, but you can also find them created with tiny matching pearls, lace or combinations of the materials. It may be only for a day, but if you can’t be a princess at your wedding, when can you be?


Combs are pretty straightforward; they slip into your hair and hold in place. Vintage wedding combs, however, are often so much more than that. Bristling with lace leaves and pearl flowers or a small collection of feathers, vintage combs can create the old-fashioned look you are longing for in your vintage wedding. When you are deciding on the vintage head piece to top off your wardrobe, don’t bypass a look at vintage wedding combs.

Bridal Wreaths

Vintage bridal wreaths are popular for that romantic, dreamy look. Some are thick and substantive, wound through with flowers and baby’s breath. Others may have a single, large flower while the rest of the vintage bridal wreath is woven through with lace and pearls. Which lovely combination you choose can depend on the type of dress you are wearing, and the wedding venue itself.


Vintage wedding snoods rise and fall in popularity, but the right one can add just the touch you are looking for to your wedding wardrobe. Snoods are similar to hair nets, though far more attractive. Mostly knitted with fine yarns, vintage wedding snoods seeded with pearls or jewels can rest on top of the head, snugly contain a flowing length of hair, or give an elegant look to a bun at the nape of your neck.

The search for your perfect vintage wedding head piece can be frustrating at times, because of so many choices. Narrow your decision down by personal taste, authentic versus vintage style and what fits with your chosen wardrobe and era. Don’t stress, though; even vintage wedding hats are easy to change.

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