How to Take and Use Vintage Wedding Photos

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How to Take and Use Vintage Wedding Photos

Vintage style photo by Leszek Leszczynski

The photos that are taken at your wedding will be treasured forever. If you have a vintage theme, there are a lot of different types of vintage wedding photos you can have taken by your photographer.  There are a lot of options for the photos and many different ways you can display them as well.

Featured image: Vintage Venetian

How to design a wedding album with a vintage feel?

Since the vintage photos are probably going to be either in black and white or sepia tone; it’s important the color of the paper be warmer than plain white. Something that is a light gold is going to be perfect. A lot of scrapbooking stores have vintage papers available that can work well with the vintage theme. It’s also important to use different materials on top of the paper. This can include some lace, ribbon, tissue paper or whatever else has the vintage feel to it.

Calligraphy pens are perfect accessories to have since they look vintage when used for writing. You can use these pens to write the captions for the pictures or even just dates underneath them. Something you can easily do is place one of the vintage wedding pictures on a small piece of lace that shows just around the border. From here the lace and picture can be placed on the scrapbook or album page. This will add a lot of different texture elements and look very classy. Writing your own captions will make the album look unique and homemade.

It’s also important to have scissors that can cut out different shapes. This will make it easy to cut scalloped edges out of different papers so you can add unique designs. There are also a lot of really pretty bows and other accessories that are made for scrapbooks and albums, so they are easy to find.

Wallpaper can also be used when looking for something to use for album pages. There are a ton of different wallpaper options available to choose from. These come in all sorts of textures, colors, styles and designs. By getting creative and trying different things it’s a lot easier to design a unique vintage photo album.

How to take vintage wedding pictures?

When it comes to actually taking the pictures, have some fun with them. There are a lot of photographers that know how to take vintage pictures to make both of you look timeless. It’s a great idea to take some photos before the actual wedding day. This way you can dress up with some vintage clothing and accessories that you might not be wearing on the actual wedding day. You can also travel to different locations to take pictures in different settings.

When the photographer processes the photos they can add different tints by hand.  There are black and white options as well as sepia and color tinted tones. The tone is going to be more than just coloring to the photo. There will also be small details added, like small scratches, which will make the picture look like it’s actually old and delicate.

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