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1950’s Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas

Vintage Cupcake Tower by SweetFaceCakesVintage style weddings are very trendy these days. A wedding inspired by the 1950’s can be a very elegant and classy event. When choosing a vintage theme for a wedding, the attention to detail is very important. Brides just love vintage. It gives a timeless look, mixing it with some contemporary flair, and those two elements just fits together perfectly.

One of the items to consider for the vintage style is your wedding cake, as it is one of the most important things in a wedding. The 50’s period was an exciting decade, and provides enough iconic images and style trends to inspire dozens of cakes. You have endless opportunities, being able to inspire the cake with poodle skirts, milk shakes and diners, sock hops, or even glamorous Hollywood starlets. Vintage wedding cakes have a rustic, romantic, rural charm, making the perfect subject of a Couture cake.

Some starting points when trying to decide on a vintage 1950’s wedding cake are:

– First you need to decide whether you would like an 1950’s cake replica or just incorporating the style into the cake. You can use photographs from that age with different cakes, and the designer may copy the cake or just copy some design features, like the sugar decorations or the look of piped frosting.

– In the 1950’s, the newlyweds didn’t have iconic images or brightly colored fondant to cover the cake with. Yet today some couples are buying colorful, elaborate or sometimes even sculptural cakes for their wedding. This way, they can take the inspiration from the past but in the same time update it in a memorable modern look.

– Consider a fruit flavored cake – surely you want your cake to look good but also taste good, so you may choose from some popular flavors from the 1950’s. Some brides and grooms opt for a variety of styles and flavors, but many decided to go with the marzipan-frosted fruitcake. Choosing some vintage flavors will surely bring back some happy memories for your older guests and provide the younger ones with a taste of history.

– Details – just like the vintage wear with classic details that are not easy to find anywhere else, a vintage style wedding cake needs to also have some perfect details: pearls, delicate lace, feminine bows, brooches. And the best inspiration place is your wedding dress, as you can recreate some of the bridal lace into delicate icing brush applique.

– Copy your grandmother or mother’s cake – maybe using a picture of it; this way you will not only create the vintage look you’ve wanted to, but it will also be a great way to honor your family history.

Another important aspect that can make your cake look vintage is the wedding cake topper. Vintage cake toppers are very elegant and romantic. Some styles you can choose from are:

– Vintage bride and groom – the difference from a modern topper is their attire, because vintage toppers present a traditional attire of the newlyweds.

– Vintage love birds or doves – these are very popular in weddings, because they symbolize peace, celebration, new beginnings, love, and serenity. Usually made of porcelain, these toppers are a great symbol for a vintage wedding.

– Vintage floral cake topper – a small bouquet as a cake topper is ideal for a chic and elegant vintage style wedding.

– Vintage handmade cake topper – usually made of wood, representing little animals that grow in farms, these toppers are pretty popular in farm themed weddings.

If you like vintage, and you want this style for your wedding, a vintage wedding cake will surely complete the picture, creating memories for you and your guests.

Featured Image: Vintage Gazebo Cupcake Tower by SweetFaceCakes

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