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Ideas for Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Vintage Holiday CenterpieceThere’s just so much to see in weddings – from the vivid hues of the blooms to the ever-magnificent gown of the stunning bride. Most of the time though, the excitement of having surprises dies off at receptions, as the guests get used to the decorations and parade of wedding dresses.

But this shouldn’t be so, when the bride and her wedding planner have meticulously devised a plan that could fill the expecting eyes of the guest and retain their amusement. In vintage themed weddings, for example, nothing could quite impress the guests other than breathtaking vintage wedding centerpieces that did not necessitate draining of the couple’s savings account.

How to Choose Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

Green is the new black, and old is the fresh new. As confusing as it sounds, professional wedding planners suggest that brides can simply scour through storage rooms and look for items that are stylish enough to be reused. Instead of buying hefty-priced items that can pass off as centerpieces from a vintage store, brides may start looking at the old display items put aside at the corner of the house.

Depending on the specific theme for the vintage weddings (like old Hollywood glam, etc), wedding planners and wise brides alike may find it interesting to use candles, postcards, wind holders, monograms, frames or candle stands – the idea is limitless, as long as the imagination flows.

Travel-themed vintage wedding centerpieces, for instance, may come with tables laden with old globes, scale boats with old jewelry boxes and string of pearls or postcards in picture frame aside a bronze Eiffel tower can look elegant and well-thought out.

Suppose the wedding was set to capture the glam of Vintage Hollywood, top hat ice buckets or fedora hats along with strips of film negatives and hand-crafted clapboards can do the trick.

Some ideas may spring from these theme suggestions that can have centerpieces in the guise of the items lurking inside old dusty boxes in the storage:

  • Shabby Chic
  • Victorian
  • Roaring 20’s
  • Magical 30’s to 80’s (lots of eras and style to take inspiration from)
  • Mimicking Vintage Vegas or Classic Paris
  • English Country Garden
  • Golden Age of Travel

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