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Posies and Ribbons – A Vintage Wedding Theme Dream

Vintage Wedding ThemeYour vintage wedding theme may reach back to an era that was not so much simpler, as more subtly complex. A peek from under the eyelashes conveyed worlds, the glimpse of an ankle set hearts to racing, and strong hand and well-muscled arm brought on sighs. Ideas and beliefs were often implied rather than stated outright, and feelings were no less strong for being hidden under layers of convention. If this is the era that you’ve fantasized about and dreamed about for your special day, all it takes is a few simple vintage wedding ideas to make it a reality.

Simple, Understated and Complex

When you are planning your vintage wedding theme, begin with the simple and then think of what you can layer on. Is the atmosphere you are going for romantic, passionate, demure–or all of the preceding, and more? This special day is for the wedding partners, but should the guests be expected to enter into the theme? You don’t have to stick with just one era; mix and match pieces of your favorites to achieve just the vintage wedding effect you wish. Add a little complexity by remembering how the Victorians, particularly, liked to hide things–and plan little surprises for the curious.

Posies Send a Message to Those in the Know

Flowers speak their own language. One way to add a layer of complexity to your vintage wedding theme is to send messages with the flowers. A simple posy can speak of love, loyalty, passion or friendship, depending on the flowers included. Learn the meaning of the blooms you choose, and use them to create subtle messages throughout the celebration space. Keep it a secret for yourself, or place the keys to decoding the messages somewhere nearby for your guests to find.

What Can You do with Ribbons?

Ribbons often play a part in weddings, but in vintage wedding themes they can take center stage. Wrapped around a posy, draped over a chair end, tied around an invitation–ribbons help continue the theme. Ribbons for a pink and green vintage wedding theme add sparks of springtime color to the most bland settings, and help to set the mood. Catch tossled hair up into a ribbon and the wearer can appear alternately innocent, sexy and wildly abandoned. Keep your ribbons within your vintage wedding style theme and let them do some of the work.

A Cake Compelling in its Simplicity

A towering edifice of cake and frosting may be traditional, but perhaps not your dream vintage wedding cake. A smaller, more intimate cake may seem too simple, but remember the hidden complexities of the vintage eras. Your guests may first notice the smooth, seamless rose-pink frosting and look away–but then are compelled to take a second glance. Is that lace cascading down the side, or dots of daisies and roses? What luscious surprises are concealed under that smooth, flawless surface? Does the spray of real flowers resting on top hold a hidden meaning for the wedding partners? How about the layers resting on separate surfaces–at first? A green ribbon wrapped around the base of the layers brings the cake into your vintage wedding theme, and the cake, like your theme, hints at something more than what is viewed on the surface.

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