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Steps to a Perfect Black and White Vintage Wedding Theme

Black and White Vintage ThemeAt first glance, a black and white wedding theme can appear stark, exciting and mysterious. Once beyond that glance, however, an unimaginatively planned black and white vintage wedding theme can be boring, blah and mundane. It doesn’t click and there is little under the surface to draw the attention. Don’t worry though; this is not an encouragement to throw out all your ideas for a black and white theme and start painting your nuptials in pastels and lace. It’s an invitation to play.

Break Out the Old Movies

Movies are the best way to absorb not only the images of a particular period of time for vintage wedding ideas, but the atmosphere. If the 1930s or 40s are your chosen times, for instance, you’re in for a treat. Dolls, dames, vamps, heroes and villains–it’s all there. The women rarely walk; they glide, waft, sidle and drift in seeming unconcern for anything going on around them. Ah, but inside they simmer and long for that one special someone.

The men saunter, stride or, most likely, lean–against walls, doorjambs or anything else, with one eyebrow raised and amused smile on their faces. Yet, beneath it all they are madly, madly in love and ready to throw their hearts at their loved one’s feet. Perfect atmosphere for a black and white vintage wedding theme, waiting to be brought out in your black and white vintage wedding decor, clothing and, of course, your cake.

Wedding Wear

A tux and a frothy white wedding dress may be your idea of a perfect black and white combination (and, if it is, that is okay,) but maybe you have something more striking in mind. Old movies are, again, a rich source for mining ideas for vintage wedding styles cast in black and white or sepia tone. White lacy gowns with scattered black flowers, zoot suits and spats–these and other options add a little pizzazz to your vintage wedding theme.


A good rule of thumb when looking at your black and white vintage wedding ideas is to use 70% white to 30% black. This holds true regardless of the vintage era you are recreating. If you want a splash or two–not more than that–of some other color, make sure that it blends and doesn’t overwhelm. An Art Deco theme may fare better dotted with deep reds, golds or greens, whereas a Victorian theme might do better with more subtle colors. Play with your era’s attributes. Instead of just folded napkins at a table, recreate a big band dining room or a Paris street cafe.

Seek an Imaginative Vintage Wedding Cake

Vintage wedding cake ideas can come from so many sources. A favorite piece of jewelry, a formal hat or top hat, or even a vintage car interior. Vintage wedding flowers, for both your cake and your decor, also don’t fall into any particular category. Recreate them from nature or have them follow the lines of a favorite brooch or fabric design. Your black and white vintage wedding cake design can have only those two colors, include sepia tone accents, pop with vintage wedding flowers found only in the imagination or simply be a traditional cake. It all adds up to making your vintage wedding theme special and memorable.

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