Vintage Wedding Pearls and Lace - Exclusive Wedding Invitation

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Vintage Wedding Pearls and Lace

Vintage Pearls and Lace

At times there is nothing so unmatchably rich as simplicity. Pearls. And lace. A vintage wedding theme that is so simple, yet so elegant and rich that the two items can almost carry the day themselves. Within each overarching vintage theme, however, are all the small touches that bring it to life. The beauty, as the saying should go, is in the details.

Enchant With Layers

If you think about it, both pearls and lace are associated with layers. Loops of pearls winding about a neck; dresses and other items draped with rows of lace. Think about layers when you are planning your pearl and lace themed wedding. Too much is…, well, too much. Too little doesn’t give enough life to your vintage wedding theme. So keep the layers in mind and if, for an item, you use only pearls or only lace, make sure that neither is too far from the other.


The first intimation that many of your guests will get that you are having a vintage themed wedding is the invitation, or save the date card. Once you’ve found the right aged, vintage looking paper, think about special layering touches.

  • Tie a ribbon of old lace around the envelope and place a pearl, or pearl and lace flower, in the middle or along the edge.
  • Edge the paper in a strip of lace seeded with pearls.
  • Just have one, small and elegant triangle of lace, with almost invisible pearls, cover one corner of the paper.

Have friends and family make a project of it. Or, as many do, you can purchase all these, and more, from a store that specializes in vintage wedding themes. Make sure all your paper items announce your pearls and lace wedding theme whether through words or design.


How best to carry your pearls and lace throughout the decor of your vintage wedding venue is a matter of personal taste. Some vintage eras were noticeably fussy–lots of frills, lace, buttons and more. Others were more spare, depending on one good item to make the outfit or set the stage. Vintage weddings can take advantage of either.

  • Tables – A tablecloth with the look of vintage lace is one way to enhance your theme. As the first layer, it is also easy to build on. Your napkins should, of course, be whole, but can be encircled with a pearl napkin ring. Your flowers will match your theme colors; a lace ribbon tied with pearls around the vase will not be overbearing.


Perhaps the easiest place to display vintage wedding themes of simple, layered elegance is the cake. A vintage wedding cake should be memorable, and fit right in with the theme of the wedding.

For your pearls and lace vintage wedding theme, find a bit of vintage lace that you love and get your inspiration from that. The body of the cake, covered with smooth frosting, becomes the canvas on which your decorator can recreate your lace. The tatting and flowers are done with icing, but the effect is a lace-covered cake. A small strand of pearls wound around the base of each layer completes the look for your vintage lace and pearls wedding theme.

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