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How to Design Your Own Vintage Wedding Invitations

Vintage Wedding Invitation Lavishly ElegantVintage wedding themes are very popular because they are timeless, classic and elegant. If you are planning on having this type of theme it’s important to stick with it for your invitations. There is a wide array of different designs available for vintage wedding invitations. You can choose the exact style and designs that you like the most.

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Styles of Wedding Invitations

When it comes to the vintage theme there are a lot of different style options available. Some people choose to choose the classic style that is elegant and very simple. Other people choose to go with invitations that embrace vintage sign designs. These have really unique fonts on them and some are even made with a variety of different materials.

An example of a simple and elegant vintage design is a lace invitation. This starts with a plain invitation, but gets a vintage feel from lace wrapped around the middle of it. Placing a vintage pin in the center of the front can finish off the design and make it look unique.  There are a lot of simple designs available as well as those that are more elaborate.

Colors to Use

Vintage colors are going to be a bit different than those that are meant for contemporary designs. When most people think of vintage they think of warm gold, light browns and rustic tints. Light pink, yellows and off-white colors are also great choices. If you want to include a picture, try to add a sepia tint to it to finish off the vintage feel.

Invitation Papers

There are a lot of different paper designs available to choose from. Some of them have patterns on them while others are just solid colors. Soft tissue paper is a common choice for these types of invites. These have a vintage feel to them and are very delicate as well. These can be colored around the edges to add some depth and make them more unique. If you can only find regular card paper, don’t worry. Just add something like a bow, ribbon or lace to the front of it. This can really change the way the paper looks and add something special.

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Vintage Fonts

There are a lot of really unique vintage fonts available that can make a big difference with the feel of the invitation. When designing these, make sure to look through all the different options. Some of the fonts are classy and elegant while others are plain.

Other Details to Consider

Vintage is a theme that can fit well with any wedding no matter what season it’s in. If you want to add a bit more personalization for the season, consider putting something on the inside of the invitation. This could be some rustic leaves for the fall, branches for the winter and flowers for the spring/summer. This could even be something like the color of the ribbon tied around the invitation.

Try to make your own invites. This will add a special touch to the wedding and allow you to express creativity. It can also save you quite a bit of money.

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