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Something Old, Something New – Planning Your Vintage Style Wedding

Vintage Wedding Horseshoe

Vintage Wedding Horseshoe

Do you close your eyes and imagine yourself strolling along the promenade twirling your parasol? Do you dip your hand and feel the fall of lace skating over your fingertips? Or perhaps you give a little swish to your hips and set the tassels on your flapper dress to shimmering? Vintage style has come into its own, and with so many sources of authentic vintage items, people are taking advantage of it for many occasions, including weddings. There are a few things to think about, though, when you are planning your vintage chic wedding.

What’s Your Era?

Most lovers of vintage have a particular era or time period they are fond of. For some that is the late 18th or early 19th century; others prefer the look of the 1940s and 50s. And some in the Baby Boomer generation are frequently horrified to learn that the 60s and 70s are thought to be prime vintage years. The important thing is, it’s likely that you will find more authentic vintage items for some eras than you will for others, so this should be a consideration.

Must it be Authentic?

One of the things you’ll also need to decide is if everything must be authentic vintage–meaning, was actually made and in use during your preferred era–or if vintage style will do as well. Cost can be a deciding factor here, but which type costs more often depends on the items. One of the most costly items in any wedding, including vintage chic weddings, is the wedding dress. A vintage style wedding dress, made new, can run into the thousands. An authentic vintage dress, on the other hand, may be hanging in an older relative’s closet and be essentially free.

When Should You Go With Vintage Style?

Once you’ve decided on the era and have secured your wedding dress, everything else may be a bit simpler. Well, as simple as things can get when planning a wedding, vintage chic or contemporary. While you can spend time scouring thrift shops and estate sales for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, accessories and other items, at some point it may make more sense to just go with vintage style items. This includes decorative items for the ceremony and reception. A good way to get the vintage feel is to find one, good authentic vintage item and then build around that with easier to find or create vintage style products.

How Much Vintage is Too Much?

It’s your perfect day, so that is up to you. Some wedding partners prefer an entire vintage chic wedding, from top to bottom. This means that everyone shows up in vintage style clothing and that the table settings and decorations are faithful to the vintage era. And, for some, it’s enough that the bride is in the authentic vintage dress she’s always fantasized about, and that’s all that matters.

Creating the perfect vintage chic wedding does not have to be enormously expensive. In fact, it can be really fun to seek out older members of the families, sort through attics for authentic vintage attire, and even pick up a few family stories in the meantime. But if that doesn’t work out, or you’d prefer to spend your time otherwise, there is not a thing wrong with going with vintage style instead.

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