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Vintage Wedding Tiara Adds a Unique Style

Antique Wedding TiaraMany modern brides are choosing to have a vintage style to their wedding, including a vintage wedding dress, wedding hat, or wedding veil, but one of the stand out accessories that brides do not always think about using is a vintage wedding tiara.

Whether or not you choose to have a vintage wedding veil, after the wedding ceremony is over, you may want to replace the veil with a tiara. Veils can really get in the way at a wedding party, especially if they are long. And many brides do not want to have the full veil or any veil anymore. A tiara is an extremely elegant choice that works with almost any hair style, short or long, updo or hanging down. Tiaras make a statement in a simple, dressy way, and the vintage wedding tiaras are truly lovely.

Depending on what style you want for your vintage wedding tiara, you have several choices.

Vintage Beaded Wedding Tiara

Beaded tiaras are more subtle, less flashy, and more intricate looking. They would match a pearl encrusted wedding dress or a plain wedding dress, but wouldn’t necessarily look good with a sequin wedding dress.
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Vintage Crystal Wedding Tiara

A crystal laden tiara would sparkle more than a beaded tiara, and would be a bit more flashy. Depending on the type of crystals used, they can really reflect the light around you, and would look really nice with a sequin wedding dress or a Cinderella type dress.
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Vintage Pearl Wedding Tiaras

Pearl tiaras are the most elegant of all the vintage wedding tiaras. These can be white, ivory, or may come in other pale pearl colors.
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Vintage Rhinestone Wedding Tiara

Rhinestones can be gaudy or elegant depending on how they are used. In most wedding tiaras, the rhinestones enhance the tiara’s shape, but don’t overdo it with the rhinestones, no need to blind your guests.
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Antique Wedding Tiaras

Antique tiaras are a bit harder to find. You will have to do some serious searching to find the right one. However, when you do find the perfect antique wedding tiara, you will be thrilled. Here are a few possibilities:
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